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Code of Blogging Ethics at Desirable Roasted Coffee

Code of Blogging Ethics at Desirable Roasted Coffee

To write, publish, and be read is a privilege and responsibility. Being mindful of that privilege and responsibility:

1. I shall not barter my words or my silence.
2. I shall write and advocate openly and honestly.
3. I shall strive for accuracy, avoiding errors and correcting them immediately when discovered.
4. I shall strive for balance; even in advocacy, I shall not distort or suppress obviously relevant facts to bolster my argument.
5. I shall welcome and invite rebuttal, debate and discussion through comments, email, and trackbacks.
6. I shall disclose my sources fully, through credits, links and trackbacks, unless the source, with good grounds, has requested anonymity; moreover, I shall trackback where relevant and possible.
7. I shall respect copyright; my own words will be licensed with a Creative Commons license.
8. I shall let the record stand; I shall not delete posts, or parts of them, unless not doing so would violate one of the foregoing principles, and shall give notice that I have done so. If I modify a post, it shall be by adding to it; and I shall mark these additions clearly.
9. I shall reveal material conflicts-of-interest.
10. I shall, as a member of IABC, a trained reporter, a resident of the European Union, and a citizen of the United States of America, remain mindful of the IABC Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, and the laws of the European Union and the United States.

Allan Jenkins, Copenhagen, 11 December 2004

Added 13 December 2004: Why did I post this?

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