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Embarrassing Start for IABC Blog...Drop It or Restart

Update (December 1): It only took five weeks, but today David Kistle is back in the fray. Item: he's decided to start asking chapters about the "critical issues they are facing". Go for it, DK.

The IABC Chairman's Blog got off to a false start, and an embarrassing one. No new posts in a month, and only 2 posts since the launch in early October. And while the IABC community enthusiastically responded with 23 comments and several other blog references, none of these evoked response from IABC Chairman David Kistle. Despite friendly prods from IABC friends who would like the blog to succeed.

(I am assuming that DK even saw the references on other sites... while the IABC Chairman's blog accepts trackbacks, it does not display them... another blogging failure).

One interesting comment
, asking David Kistle for a direct reply about the future strategy of the assocation, was dealt with by a staffer... Kistle never bothered to show up.

This isn't a blog... it's not even a good website. And it's an embarrassment as an IABC communication tool. IABC cannot credibly sell or even sponsor seminars, conference sessions, etc. about micromedia, until it demonstrates that it understands micromedia.

Here's a suggestion:

Make an IABC collective blog. Appoint past, current and future leaders... 10 or 20 or so... to blog on the site. Let them rotate. Let comments and trackbacks flow. Let debate happen.

Here's another suggestion:

Look around at the IABC members that are blogging about communication. I don't mean me; I am small fry. Look at the others: they are blogging hundreds of times a month between them. Tack on the blogs of non-members and... Well, David, you don't need to be original... synthesis and analysis would make your blog invaluable.

And here's an admonition:

IABC was embarrassingly slow on the uptake 10 years ago when email and the Web happened along. It's probably one reason that our membership has not ticked up even 1% in 15 years. Let's not make that mistake again.

Update (30 November): Canadian PR pro Brian A. Kilgore reports that the IABC home page no longer carries a link to the Kistle blog. And so it doesn't, although the blog is still up. So is the press release announcing the blog.

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