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The Only Website I Would Take to a Desert Island

My local newspaper has a column in which they ask business leaders what they read. What's on their nightstand, what books most inspired them, which books they had to give up on, what books they would take to a desert island.

4 or 5 times a month, I know the person in question. So I cover up the answers and guess at them. I'm usually way off.

Actually, I think the whole exercise is an exercise in bogusity, because it cannot be true that:

1) Most Danish business leaders have Joyce's Ulysses on their nightstand.

2) Most Danish business leaders read Soeren Kirkegaard more than any other writer.

3) Most Danish business leaders would take Joyce's Ulysses to a desert island.

Now, I am not picking on Danish business leaders in particular; I am sure the results would be the same anywhere. And I am sure the leaders who respond "I read the Far Side, Dilbert, and my own grocery list" are not published. Still....Ulysses? Kirkegaard? I don't think so.

Were I asked in 2004, I would say Arts & Letters Daily is the website I would take to a desert island. Prints of its articles are a big part of my bedside and "in the train" reading... Where else can you go for 200 or more snippets, daily, of critical essays, reviews, and commentary?

Between Arts & Letters Daily and The Economist... one is thankful for the gift of reading.

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