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Ned Lundquists's Parallel Universe: What to Make of It?

If Ochman's eruption wasn't enough, turn to friend Ned Lundquist's truly bizarre corporate communication sit-com soap-opera in blogform.

"So CorpComm is in charge of this fiasco, but I assigned Genevieve (that’s pronounced “Jenn-uh-vee-EV”) D’Ecolletage, my Special Events Coordinator, to the task of running the committee, gathering the donations and distributing the material. This may have been a mistake.

"Genevieve has her degree in parks and recreation management. She is anal about details. Over organized and works too hard making sure everything is precisely so. She has what you would call an “ample figure.” She’s ample everywhere. She could use a few workouts. Her clothes are so tight that they give me a little too much information about her body. And her perfume arrives 10 minutes before she does. She told me that she wants to wear an ankle bracelet but doesn’t know the significance of which ankle to wear it on. Someone told her that if you wear an ankle on your left ankle you are a cheap whore and the right ankle means you are expensive. She’s trying to verify that. I was unable to help."
Ned is also editor of the award-winning Job-of-the-Week newsletter (you can read about that at Fast Company), and the useful ABC List to help IABC members become accredited (he also runs the Accreditation marketing effort for IABC). Oh, and has a family and a day-job.

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