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Jarvis Fascinated (Was: Jarvis Professes Shock.... again)

(Update 18 December: I probably should have written Jarvis to ask if he was surprised... as it turns out, he's written me that he wasn't. Fair 'nuff!)

Maybe I'm too cynical, or maybe I've been in advertising too long, but I find it hard to feel Jarvis's seeming surprise at learning that "politics is just a product" and that political campaigns approach it that way.

Granted, it's a product that should require more thought than buying soap. (Though, that being said, I've never changed political brand, and I couldn't tell what sort of soap I use on a bet).

What chafes Jarvis is learning that the GOP worked hard on discerning the media and lifestyle habits of its "consumers", and tailored its message and media buying to fit.

Well, yeah. That's what every brand manager at P&G routinely does. When I represented Danish tourism in the UK, we sliced and diced their database everywhichway to figure out where, when, and how we should run ads and direct mail campaigns. That's just how it's done.

What would chafe me is to find out that my party wasn't doing it.

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