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How Blogging Helps the Yoghurt Company

Wondering how your company could use blogging? Have a look at Stonyfield Farm, makers of organic yoghurt, and committed bloggers through their four blogs, each of which has its own part of the Stonyfield conversation. (I find the Bovine Bugle a pleasant read.)

What I like about the story is that a) Stonyfield is committed to blogging for its consumers, b) they closely track readership and feedback, and c) they aren't bending themselves out of shape worring about the ROI of their blogging. So why do they do it?

Company blogger Christine Halvorson explains:

"Our blogs "continue the conversation" we've had with our readers/customers since the beginning in 1987, when we had 7 cows and a great yogurt recipe. Today we produce 18 million cups of yogurt a month!"
Via Rick E. Bruner who interviews Halvorson.

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