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Ford Needs a New Car Name... and You Can Help

Naming products isn't easy. You want a distinctive, attractive, memorable name that is so damned obvious that anyone would say "Yeah.. that's it!", except no one has come up with it, yet. Harder than it looks. Look at that gin-and-tonic in your hand and come up with a better name. You can't.

Ford is asking for the public's help
, which is an admirable PR stunt. But they have been down that road before.

In the 1950s, Ford asked the great poet Marianne Moore to have a whack at naming one of their new cars:

"She was even asked by Ford Motor Company officials to suggest names for a new series of cars. She gamely offered at least nineteen, the worst being "Magigravue," "Pastelogram," and "Turcotingo," and the best perhaps including "Chaparral," "Mongoose Civique," and "Silver Sword." Declining all of her suggestions, Ford chose the name "Edsel.""
I don't car how ugly the "Edsel" was... as a "Mongoose Civique", it would have been a classic.

Via Snark Hunting for the original report.

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