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Financial Times has a look at internal blogging

The Financial Times takes a look at internal blogging. Neville Hobson's comments are so good that I will just say go look at what Neville writes.

I'm coming to believe, too, that internal blogs can become a killer app. A more important application of the technology than CEO blogs. When I look back on my times within a large company (87-90, 97-99) I can see about a dozen applications for internal blogging, and that's without morning coffee.

1) Am I in the office or on the road?
2) What are my coordinates on the road?
3) Project status.
4) Centers of Competence that I am following, and why....
5) Current projects, and commentary thereto.
6) Yep, I'm open to openings in the Australian office... call me.
7) I worked with Frank on project X, Kirsten on project Y, and led project B with Ashok and Christabel. Have a chat with them if you are considering me on your project.

And that was 30 seconds fast typing at midnight....

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