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Better Use of IT in Healthcare

I used to lead Internet communication at Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharma company; and I have had the privilege of serving other pharma clients. People who know me know I'm happiest at the intersection of healthcare and communication (which, today, usually means having a good IT infrastructure).

So I was cheered this morning to read Interfaculty initiative aims to heal U.S. health care from the Harvard Gazette. The same subject is covered in Renaissance Health Improves Patient Care with IT.

I attended the conference on IT & Healthcare at Harvard in the spring of 2000 where the panelists grappled with the question of how to improve patient-physician relations, using IT, at a time when HMOs were pressing doctors to be as efficient (read: "fast") with patients as possible. Frankly, I thought little would come of the conference, but apparently it sowed a few seeds that germinated.

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