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IABC Settles Allan Lawsuit

Good news for IABC.

The association settled in the suit brought against it by former president and CEO Elizabeth Allan.

Allan left the association in 2000. She later sued IABC and her successor, interim president Lou Williams, for breach of her separation agreement.

IABC is keeping quiet about the details of the settlement, as it should. What is praiseworthy is the speed with which IABC announced the settlement. The association was criticized for not informing its members of the suit when it was first filed. While I don't agree -- the association did announce the suit when it was filed -- public perception is everything.

This time, IABC surely escapes carping. Good work.

IABC, through its insurance carrier, has reached a settlement with Elizabeth Allan in the case of Elizabeth Allan vs. IABC, Louis C. Williams, Jr., and LC Williams & Associates. The details of the settlement are still being worked out between the parties' respective attorneys. Until the agreement is finalized, we are unable to comment further.

Via email, but Shel scooped me.

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