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Branding the World's Oldest Political Party

What if you could brand a political party simply and effectively? US political parties spend hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle -- and that's just for Congressional races. Part of the problem is that candidates finance and manage their own campaigns. The result is that voters are treated to a barrage of skilful (or not, depending on the campaign's professionalism) marketing assaults, all trying simultaneously to market an often complex message.

One reason all this effort is necessary is that the two main political parties have never really "branded" themselves. Indeed, to the extent that either party is "branded", the brand has been manufactured by the opposition. Ask a Democrat what the Democrats stand and you will get as many answers as there are Democrats. Ask her what the Republicans stand for and you will almost certainly hear some variation of "Deficit spending Christians fundamentalists". The same goes for the other side.... Republicans often find it hard to define themselves, but Democrats are "Tax and spend godless liberals."

Oliver Willis thinks the Democratic Party could easily brand itself with simple messages about what it stands for as the world's oldest political party. Interesting idea and worth an effort. Willis has created an ad template, licenced under a Creative Commons license, and invites blog readers to create submit their own ads. Tee-shirt and button sales are already underway!

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