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Dude, Where's My Car? (Mazda M3, I mean)

Update: the Mazda blog has been taken down. I guess they didn't want it becoming a cautionary tale. Still, the story will go into my next presentation on blogging & marketing.

Reading the feeds this 5 AM, I see Steve Rubel and Pamela Parker roasting a fake blog set up by Mazda to tout its M3 line. I just knew it had to be so bad it would make my morning....

But Mazda may be quicker than we think: Apparently, the instantly-loading video that Rubel and Parker complain of has been taken down. And the one thing that Parker could find to praise -- comments! -- is no more.

Of course, if the comment Parker quoted is right, Mazda probably got cold feet about allowing commments:

TimmyGUNZ said...

This commercial sucks. Maybe if it wasn't for a piece of shit car like a Mazda it would have potential. Only an idiot would ever buy a Mazda!!!

The blog is still lame: the copy is almost a parody of teenspeak, and the premise is utterly cynical. Still, how many cars does it need to sell to pay for itself?

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