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Blogger or PR professional? Both!

Dan Gillmor broke a story yesterday about a PR agency (nameless) offering to help clients "manage" blogs and bloggers that are critical of the client.

Gillmor rightly points out that bloggers cannot be "managed" but only worked with and engaged with. Yet several commenters -- presumably PR pros -- disagree.

What is ugly is that the PR agency's view seems to be that one can be a PR professional or a blogger, but not both. This is absurd on its face, yet seems to be the general belief. So how much do PR professionals who blog risk being viewed with distrust by clients?

One thing though.... the contrarian in me knows that if corporations, the PR industry, and traditional media all distrust the blogosphere, the blogosphere must be doing something right.

Friend (and deep thinker) Gunnar Langemark prompted this post.

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