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Barlow on Iraqi exit strategy

John Perry Barlow seems to find interesting conversations all over the place. In his post Exit Strategies at BarlowFriendz, he talks Iraqi exit strategies with a mercenary -- and mercenary and Barlow find themselves not all that far apart.

"The interesting thing was that we didn't disagree on much now. We both believed that the invasion of Iraq and its subsequent occupation was a tragic catastrophe that could only get worse.

" 'I'll tell you,' he said, 'before we get out of Iraq, it's going to make Viet Nam look like a good idea.'

Finally he pointed out that history provides a gloomy prognosis. "I can't think of a single case where a popular local guerrilla movement failed to defeat a conventional foreign occupying force," he said. "From the American Revolution through Viet Nam, the guerrillas always win. Usually, it takes them a long time and they suffer most of the casualties, but they win.'"

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